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Products made from trimmings:

Summer sausage $4.25/lb

Garlic or plain

Snack Sticks(natural casing) $5.99/lb

Specialty snack sticks $6.25/lb

Cheddy, jalapeño cheddy or jalapeño

Brats $3.25/lb

Specialty Brats $3.99/lb

Cheddy, jalapeño cheddy, jalapeño, honey bbq, mango habanero, chorizo, polish, Italian, or pineapple teriyaki

Breakfast Sausage $4.25/lb

Natural casing hotdogs $4.99/lb

Ring Bologna $4.99/lb

*A minimum of 12# of trimmings per product is required and all trimmings must be boneless. We also take bear, duck, goose, and pheasant trim.

*We do not wrap any wild game. 

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